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his area came in contact with mine...

ok.. I'm 19 and I'm a virgin... late april me and my boyfriend were messing about.. we didnt have sex and there was no pentration at all! but his area came in contact with mine. he had a bit of pre-cum but that was it. and the contact was very very brief......
I know it sounds silly, but i was worried about there being a possibllity of being pregnant, however i had my period on the 24th April, which was very heavy and for 7 days.. and i thought it was fine.

However, i was meant to be due for period in may the 24th... but i havent started... im worried that i could be pregnant, and last months period was spotting even though it was really heavy.

i do have odd cycles, but i'm just worried about being pregnant Neutral i'd be in SO much trouble :\

:\ help?
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replied June 1st, 2013
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You are not pregnant from what you are describing.

Please be careful when you play!
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