Hi there, I was diagnosed with PCOS around 6 years ago with every side effect going. Irregular periods, bad skin, gain weight easily but the worst side effect has to be the hair growth. I have it EVERYWHERE and it’s really starting to get me down Sad I got laser hair removal on my face and neck 2 years ago which helped for a while , once I had stopped I found myself having to shave my face every morning before it started to grow back before the day was even up. I’ve recently started it again, on my 6th treatment now with no sign of it going away.

The face and neck I can deal with shaving everyday but the problem is the hair on my thighs & pubic area.. I lost a lot of weight a few years ago (which is meant to help with side effects - didn’t ) so I have a lot of stretch marks and loose skin at the tops of my thighs. Not even 12 hours after I shave these I can feel stubble teamed with red bumps , some filled with !**@!’ve currently got two boils right on my bikini line from an ingrown hair which is so painful to even walk as they are constantly rubbing. I have tried waxing which keeps them away for longer but again I face the unsightly red bumps when they come back. Sad I know this isn’t a “serious” medical issue for some , but for me it is serious. I suffer with anxiety & it’s stopping me from doing so much , I make excuses not to go on holiday with my friends, I’m afraid to get close to a man in fear of having to take my clothes off & dread what they will think, would never dare go swimming, would love to go travelling but couldn’t go anywhere warm that you would need to wear shorts / skirts. I know “caring what people think” shouldn’t be an issue , but for me it is. As I write this I’m sitting crying thinking about how life would be so much easier and so much more care free I would be if I wasn’t living with this Sad

I have explained this to my gp who prescribes me with a new contraceptive pill in hopes I will go away , I just feel like they don’t care about problems like this. I’m currently on dianette & have been for over a year, which no change in hair growth. My blood tests have shown my hormone prolactin is too high so I was referred to an endocrinologist who basically told me there was nothing they could do unless I was wanting to conceive. I just feel like I’m banging my head against a wall. I obviously have serious hormonal imbalances , if they could just give me some guidance as to how / what to take to get my hormones under control I would maybe have a better chance of dealing with this.

From doing my own research I’ve found that spironolactone seems to be a popular medication to take for hirsutism... has anyone ever used it? To me things like this are really just masking the problem but I am literally desperate to try anything that will help Sad I’ve considered buying a home IPL machine to use on my thighs as I’d be too embarrassed to go to a clinic for that. It’s just to expensive ... agh so frustrating Sad I’m a 25 year old girl who should be out enjoying life to the full and here I am on a Saturday night spending hours reading through forums in hope of finding something that will give me light at the end of the tunnel. Any suggestions or advice would be really appreciated.

Realising I have completely went on a rant which people probs aren’t going to read .... oops
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