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Hip Twinges & Numb Toes

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A few weeks ago after an arduous golf practice session I began to encounter issues with my right leg, and they continue after all this time. The problems:

Hip Twinge When Standing Straight Up. I can relieve the twinge by bending slightly forward at the waist, or by bending my right knee forward slightly so that I am supporting weight on my right toes, with heel off the ground. If I try to go “past” straight up, ie bending backwards as if moving towards a back handstand, the hip twinge is much worse, and my right thigh and knee twinge also.

Walk with Limp. Because the right knee can’t fully straighten without making my hip twinge, I cut the right leg stride just a bit short of normal. Though not as pronounced, the walk looks a bit like that of a pirate dragging a wooden peg leg.

Pins & Needles/Numbness in Right Toes. Usually happens when I exercise, stays for a while after.

Right Leg Unusable First Few Steps out of Bed. To get out of bed, I start by hopping on my left leg. My right leg cannot support any weight at all for the first dozen strides or so. Then it finally warms up, but again only to the point where I have “80% normal” walk, ie still with that ever-present limp.

Any ideas on what I did to my hip/leg and how to deal with it would be much appreciated!
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replied August 23rd, 2012
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Unfortunately, without a full examination, it is not really possible to tell exactly when the cause of your problem is.

However, with your constellation of symptoms, you might have a problem arising in the spine. Bending forward and not being able to extend the back could be arising from the facet joints or spinal stenosis. The numbness and tingling in the toes also points to a neurological etiology.

But, it could also be due to several other things, depending upon where in the “hip” your twinges are located. Is the pain located in the groin over the true hip joint, laterally over the greater trochanter, medially around the psoas tendon, or posteriorly around the piriformis muscle (where the sciatic nerve exits)? The “hip” is a large area.

Since this is causing you do walk with a limp, not being able to fully extend your knee, you need to have this evaluated fairly soon by an orthopedic surgeon. You can get a flexion contracture of the knee quickly and these are not easy to treat.

Good luck. Hope you can get a handle of this pretty soon.
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