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For the last two or three weeks I've experienced a severe hip/lower back pain when I've stood up. It tends to come and go, but if I'm standing and sitting on a constant basis (bowling aggravated it) it starts to hurt and doesn't want to go away.

I'm pretty sure it occurred either during deadlifts or squats, it wasn't a sudden onset of pain, or if it was, it was minute amount of pain that I have forgotten.

Also, if it's been hurting, and I'm sitting and lift my right left (the side it's on) it hurts.

I'm not really sure if I should be worried or not

Thanks for helping,

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replied January 5th, 2010
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You could be showing some early signs of a hip problem...Either arthritis or wear and tear on the hip joint...I guess I would be concerned, but what can you do to stop aging?...Use Tylenol when it gets sore and if it gets real bad, see an Orthopedist...Take care...

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