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Hip pain

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Hi, please help.

I have pain for two weeks already - the first week felt just like a minor sprain is it was nothing - but it eventually worsened and I now walk with a limp. The pain seems like to originate from under the butt - and it moves into the perineum and medial thighs.

It hurts when I walk or move, but when I am sitting, it just feels very normal.

When sitting for a long time, it won't hurt until 5 minutes, when it would start again.

When I had it massaged, the hip pain disappeared, but resurfaced two hours later.

What could it be??
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replied August 27th, 2009
Community Volunteer
It's a muscle in your butt...It can happen to either side...I have this happen every now and then...I thought it was my hip, but the doctor tested me and said no...If you are worried go to your GP and he will do the hip test and be able to tell you...Good luck...

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