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hip pain after sitting,can walk off

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I am 59 in good health but my hip hurts after sitting for awhile. It goes away after I walk a short distance. After looking on line I tried some stretches and excercises for Sciatica and that helped for awhile but the pain is getting worse and is now a dull ache some of the time and hard pain when I stand up. The on off of it all is confusing, has anyone heard of this. It seems to help to sleep with a pillow under my leg at night and if I'm on my side and don't put it between my legs my hip starts to ache. Any help would be appreciated. I hate to go to the Ortho uninformed.
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replied June 22nd, 2011
what you have posted is enough information for your doctor, take your written post with you to your doctor's appointment so he/she can see what has been going on. You could also start a diary of what type of pain you experience, where it is located, when it occurs: activity related and time of day/night, and how often. Is the pain sharp/dull, aching, shooting, persistent, intermittent? Ready answers to his/her questions will be very helpful.
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