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High white cell count and Neutrophils

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I just received my lab work back and I have high white cell count and high Neutrophils and high folate serum, I have been referred to a hemotologists,
Does anyone else have that problem and what was the diagnosis?

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replied January 26th, 2009
Extremely eHealthy
It could be some serious process causing abnormally high production of white blood cells in a bone marrow.
Also, due to an immune system disorder the white blood cells count increases.
High levels of white cells could result from a infection (fighting one, for ex.gastrointestinal, which can also lead to high serum levels of folate)
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replied August 24th, 2009
What was the outcome to this? i have just had the same results, also with a low RBC and low Lymphocytes?
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replied October 30th, 2009
i have infection like cough and high white cell and what medicine pedicilone its ok or not
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replied September 7th, 2010
High WBC and Absolute Neutrophils
My lab results show my WBC to be 11.9 and my Absolute Neutrophils to be 9092. So.....what does this mean? I am not getting any answers from my Gastro doctor.
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replied March 14th, 2011
wbc high 11.9
my moms wbc was also 11.9 she suffers from chronic urinary tract infection. her absolute was normal 7.1. But she didn't show other signs of tract infection. I have been giving her acidophillus and cranberry in a compound I found at GNS called healthy urinary tract. She had a CBC Differential/Platelet urinalysis routine hemoglobin alc urine culture routine presumtive IDC. Everything was normal except RDW high 15.3, immature granulocytes high 3; immature grans (abs) 0.3); bunhigh 33; egfr low 57; bun/creatinine ration high 35; carbon dioxide total low 18; hdl cholestrol low 36; ldl cholestrol calc high 107; hemoglobin alc high 6.6; then there was a comment result 1 lactobacillus species greater than 1000,000 colony forming units per ml, susceptibility not normally performed on this organism. My mom is 87 and I am her primary caregiver. Did you find anything helpful? Is 11.9 extremely high? since the norm is to 10.5 I was assuming it was not that extreme. Is there anything anyone can help me with? Please...
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