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high triglycerides and hiv infection ?

i tested hiv negative 3 months after my sexual encounter with oraquick, however my mouth was dry because i was nervous, and i wonder if it could have affected the test results? i did low risk activities like receptive oral(without ejac) and rimming. i recently went for a lipid test and the results say that i have high triglycerides. i eat healthy and excercise regularly, and i am not overweight. i would like to add that my family has a history of cardiovascular related diseases and problems. i also developed this bad respiratory infection a while after my encounter, and it lasted for 4 months. i had excess phlegm , coughing and a wheezing sound in my lungs when i breathe in. i also feel lethargic often .could these be symptoms of hiv?
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replied April 20th, 2009
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if you are not satisfied with the results then get retested...personally,I wouldn't worry about it.
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