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High Prolactin Levels and also High Testosterone Levels and ED

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Hi everyone and thanks in advance for any help that you may give.

My whole explanation will be kind of long, detailed and graphic and I have two questions at the end.

I am an active 34 year old that does not drink, smoke, is in good all around shape and I avoid foods that can cause circulatory problems, for example, fried foods, etc. About six months ago I started having ed problems. I was one month shy of turning 34 when my troubles started. Before my problems began, my cardio was through the roof and I had full erections at night when I was sleeping, when I would wake up, many times through out the day, usually whenever else I tried to get aroused, for example, when on a date, and I was sexually active. I was able to last (with a condom on) for an hour or more and still maintain a full or almost full erection.

One month before my 34th birthday I started to very rapidly, over a period of about a week to a week and a half I would say, loose my ability to maintain an erection. Then for a period of 3 days, I was not able to get an erection at all (I can now). About a week prior to this I had not seen my female friend for a while and decided to tug the boat, so speak, and I felt as though I was pressing with my right hand the bottom of my right sac too hard for a period of time and I felt a pain afterwards. Again, my troubles began soon after this.

After the third day of getting no erections at all I went to my general doctor who referred me to a urologist. I took a general blood test specifically testing my testosterone levels and they were at 1,007. He also said that I had an enlarged right lymph node. I was sent to a doctor to check whether I may have had cancer and I did not. My right lymph node is not swollen any more.

Later, another blood test showed that I had both high testosterone levels (nine hundred something) and also high prolactin levels. I had an mri done to view the pituitary gland and everything checked out as normal.

I am now able to get and maintain erections daily, but only on an inconsistent basis and to a varying degree of fullness.

My questions right now are:

1. What are the causes of both high prolactin levels and also high testosterone levels at the same time?

2. Could my pressing too hard on the bottom of my right sac with my right hand be the cause of the problems.

Again, Thank You
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replied September 29th, 2014
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I am curious if you ever found out the reason for both your Prolactin and Testosterone to be elevated at the same time. I am in the same boat and cannot find any information that would provide an explaination. Please respond. Thanks! Tom
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