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high pitched voice for man

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I am really a gay guy top.
I look like a real man
but when I speak it sounds so much like a woman
so others think I am gay and bottom
this is a headache for me
and now I am pretending others that I am deaf and never speak to new people.
instead i use a pen and pieces of papers to communication.
I want to speak like a man.
what should i do.
I am feeling stagma
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replied May 30th, 2010
how old are you?? and noone can help the way they sound but if your voice is high your testosteron level may be too low nothing serious its the same stuff that makes you grow around my age Razz 12/18 if your body doesnt make enough of it your voice sounds higher ( because thats the man gen)

atleast thats what i learned you could ask a doctor too though
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replied June 8th, 2010
Firstly, to be frank i didnt quite understand all your wrote. However, i too suffered from having a higher voice then others, it deepened when i was about 17 ish. There are certain testosteron tablets you can get prescribed by your GP. But remember the pitch of your speech does in no way reflect who you are, what your about, and your sexuality. Maybe your voice has not broken yet depending on your age, sometimes your voice wont break up till around 20 years of age.
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