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high levels of OTC analgesic medication

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hi Doctor.
well i have head headaches for about 6 years now. and before, i was taken to get the tests run i was given an mri different pills, changed my diet and nothing worked. anything seemed to trigger it. if i was cold, or hot, the sun was too bright, i coughed, i sneezed etc. and they were so annoying it was hard to function. for some reason excedrin migrain seens to help alot that i have been taking them for years. but theres a catch. i have to take them in the morning in order to prevent the headache from coming otherwise if i take it while i have the headache it will just make it into a dull one. some things are worrying me for one what is the cause of my headaches and two is the excedrin harmful since i have been taking it for years? i take three pills every morning everyday.

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