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High fevers at night only

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Alright Im gonna explain the whole situation as best as I can and I wouldnt really know where to ask this in other sections.

Every night around 1:30am - 4:00am I wake up freezing cold and when I check my temperature its between 102-104 F. I've been taking ibuprofen and it lowers my temperature. Normally after these hours my temperature is normal and I feel fine besides feeling a little weak. I work out regularly at 7am with the army for PT(running) and lift and run more at night. I have cut 20 lbs in 60 days and the season is changing outside. Ive also been on a pretty strict diet to loose the weight. I've had no difficulty keep food or water down but at the same time Im not very hungry and have not thrown up. Forgot to add that I have muscle aches and a cough.

Im getting exhausted during workouts but Ive been pushing through it and since I have to make army standards coming up in a week I dont exactly want to slack off but at the same time I dont want to get seriously sick.

I would consider myself pretty healthy since I take no medication, exercise regularly and can run for a pretty long time without getting tired, can lift my body weight plus, and crank out alot of pullups and pushups. My weight is around 228 6'2" and a male thats 23.
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