Hi everyone,
I just had a routine check up at my local clinic just to make sure all is normal- blood tests etc..
When the GP took my BP it was 148/77 (I'm 32, not overwieght and generally healthy I think- Feeling well and have no headaches or any other symptoms- haven't taken any medications for long time) Anyway, He really didn't think much of it, he said there's nothing to be concerened about, but reading around; i48 always seems to be considered high!
Is that indicative of anything? is it normal? Should I go for a second opinion?

Thanks for your advise!
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replied April 21st, 2009
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You should have three separate measurements at least one week apart, with elevated blood pressure to make a diagnosis of hypertension.
It is helpful to have home blood pressure monitor to measure all blood pressure variations during the day for a certain period.
This can also, distinguish if the elevated blood pressure was only due to your anxiety when at doctor's office, known as white coat syndrome, or, you indeed have a hypertension.

Having only systolic numbers increased, is known as systolic hypertension.
It is common for hypertension not to produce symptoms till advanced stage.
That's why is called the silent disease.
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replied April 30th, 2009
did you take aspirin lately? are you under stress? you can see what happens next time you go to your doctor or if you are really concerned about it you should research holistic herbal remedies for high blood pressure. i have hbp and i take lipitor, i never had any symptoms. i did gain a lot of weight and is depressed a lot.
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