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I used to have high blood pressure and retained alot of fluid in my feet and legs and got on blood pressure medicine and compressed stockings. I got my blood pressure under control when I lost weight and it's actually really good now even tho iv gained the weight back that I lost. I have been noticing that if I sit a certain way or if I push in on my legs/shins they leave a indentation and stays that way for a while. Im just a little bit concerned because any time I go to the doctors my blood pressure is really good. Should I start wearing my compressed stockings again? Should I make a doctors apt?
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replied September 26th, 2011
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Hi PinkRottie84 and welcome to ehealth: Get back to those compression stockings...They are there for life...They control the blood flow back to your heart...Your as well as my problem are in the valves...They do not return the blood back to the heart...Thus the importance of the stockings...The added weight will make the marks when you are crossing your legs...This is your water retension...Try and get it back off...Watch your salt intake...eep your legs raised on a stool when you can...Congratulations on the low blood pressure readings...Keep up the good work....I send you my best wishes...Take care...

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