Hi, i am a 20yr old female, non smoker, occasional drinker, slightly overweight(BMI 26)

I have been to my gp to get my BP checked 3 times with 1 month between each. The first twice it was high(152/80, 144/82 approx) and the third was 134/78 which they told me was fine and that they didnt need to see me again. I had been taking it at my work over a 3week period and the highest was 146/82 and the lowest 134/73. I am very aware of my heart beating, especially at rest and on little exercise(ie. walking up stairs) i can feel my pulse race in my neck, ears and head. Im constatly tired and get occasional headaches(1 every couple of days).

I am having tests done at the gynacologists as i get pain in my stomach and am currently on medroxyprogesterone. I have heard that PCOS can cause hypertension and diabetes.

Should i be worried? Should i go back to my GP or should i wait and tell my gynacologist?

Thanks for reading
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replied May 4th, 2009
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Blood pressure readings with a systolic pressure from 120 to 139 mm Hg or a diastolic pressure from 80 to 89 mm Hg, are considered prehypertension.
This condition is usually without symptoms, but, increasing in blood pressure values can be manifested with headaches and fatigue.
Prehypertension is likely to progress to hypertension overtime, and poses the same risks for heart diseases as hypertension.
30% of people with increased blood pressure experience rapid heart rhythm, or tachycardia.
It's true that women suffering from PCOS have greater chances to develop hypertension, diabetes and increased blood cholesterol levels.
The drug you use, medroxyprogesterone, is also related with hypertension and tachycardia as side effects.

Talk with your gyn!
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replied August 12th, 2012
Well I'm 23 yrs old and I have high bp... I've notice that when I went to the doctors they have given meeh medicine to take I had 3 kinds... And I got sick off of two of them even when trying to take half... So the last time I went to the doctors I got a check up and I was high I was 145/90 and that's high Appox. 150/90.. so my friend went wit meeh she's like my mom she's way older then meeh... And she talked to the doctor bout my kidneys and what can we do to percent the hbp she talked to her so I would have to go get a ultrasound done to see if anything... Cause lately I've been having chest and stomach problems and they hurt like I'm gettin stabbed in my stomach so album Times... So I check my bp at wrk I have to check it often cause it will get high out of know were sometimes ...
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