Okay, have a quick question. a few weeks ago, my blood pressure was 210/119. Scary. I was put on 100mg Metropolol Tartrate 2 times a day and Hydrochlorozide 25 mg. It's been 2 weeks, I went in to the clinic for a follow up yesterday. My blood Pressure was 150/101.

The doctor added amiodipine 5mg to take daily. I haven't taken it yet. I woke this morning took my blood pressure before any meds. It was now down to 126/86. It seems to be dropping with the original prescription. I called the clinic and asked, if I should still take the amiodipine. without much thought,the dr said, yes. I feel uneasy about it. I rather not take meds I don't need. But my blood pressure is crucial, so would like your thoughts.
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