Hi everyone.

I've just returned from the hospital with some bad news. I'm 21 years old and they took the measurement of my BP and it was 150/90.

A little about me: I'm a 21 years old, 6' tall, originally from Serbia, moved to the US when I was 18 for college. Most of the year I'm in the US. While I was in Serbia, I was very athletic (did swimming actively and water polo) and was quite "handsome" - I weighted about 185 lbs and I was very muscular. I did swimming from the age of 15 till 18 (when I left for the US), before that I did basketball and football (European).

Fast forward to leaving for the US. The food quality in the US is significantly lower than in Serbia (no offense anyone), and me being a college student, I ate that. I did not however eat at McDonald's etc (except for maybe once in two months...). In 2 years I've gained 40 lbs (!) and my worst was at 225 lbs. At this point I was not concerned with BP at all. Also at this point I'm 19-20 years old.

I moved back to Serbia temporarily and realized that I was fat. I started working on reducing my weight and got it to a more manageable 195 lbs (and still am working on lowering it). An important thing to note is that I did not exercise as much while I was in the US (in Serbia I worked out 3 ours per day, in the US maybe 5-6 hours per week).

I was in the hospital in Serbia doing regular check-ups and they took my BP measurement. It was 140/80. They told me to exercise more, eat less, etc. This was before I moved back to Serbia so I figured all will be fixed when I lose weight.

However now that I've lost weight, a year later it is at 150/90. Doctor has just prescribed me Prilinda and Tensec for the first time. This was today. A few days ago (my dad's girlfriend is a doctor), she took my BP measurements and it was 135/75.

About my diet: I will admit out front that I eat very little vegetables. I eat beans, peas, potatoes, and that's it. I eat quite a bit of sea food, eggs, milk, cheese, chicken, etc. But no salad. It's been this way for as long as I remember it.

Other than the BP measurement I have no other problems.

Please help me, I don't know what to think?! Where did this high BP come from? Is it because of my no-veggie diet, or my sudden increase in weight while in the US, or my decrease in exercise while in the US? Or something completely different? Could I have had this since very long time ago (I never took BP measurement until a couple years ago)?

Thanks a lot!
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replied March 16th, 2012
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Hi Deusdies and welcome to ehealth: High blood pressure can be hereditary....or just eating the wrong foods...I would say to watch your sugar and salt content...Get some salad in your diet...Cheese is very high in salt...Same for sea food and if the eggs are cooked in salty fat or butter you are adding another problem...Go more bland...Get some carbs in it, but watch the salt with them like french fried potatoes...I look at 135/75 as not being that bad...Just watch it...

This disease can be controlled if it is caught in time...I know this...I have controlled mine...Good luck and I think with your weight staying within range, some exercise and good eating that you will do great...My best to you...Take care...

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