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High blood pressure and heart pain

Hello sir
i am 24 yrs male and i am experiencing High bp. Daily i feel pain in my heart. feeel very pressurized. I am taking medicine losar beta 50mg. But invain just cant lower bp. Even i am anxious daily atleast 2 - 3 times which makes me feel serious pain in chest/heart. Plz guide me. My life stlye is also worse having very depressing attitude. can anybody give sugestions otherwise i hav to suicide
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replied June 4th, 2009
i have high b/p, high cholesterol. my medication is working. if it wasnt i would call my doctor so he can put me on something else.
when i m really upset i get panic attacks. a few months ago it felt like someone was sitting on my chest.
you have to go back to the doctors and talk to him about whats going on with you.
research apple cider vinegar- it lowers high b/p and high cholesterol, and helps you loose weight.
you have to stay positive.
are these the reasons why you would commit suicide?
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