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High Blood Pressure active 29 yr old

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hi guys, I'm a very active 29 yo male. I went to the docs as I've had a common sickness that lasted linger than usual (9days) and the doc took my bp as 157/92. I also took my resting heart rate as between 44-50 this morning. and I've had ED issues for around 2 years (untreated) which I put down to performance anxiety.

I'm freaking out a bit as i've got 18 days till a repeat doc appointment. my question is are these all linked? and, what are the likely causes?

my heart rate has been that low before as I've played elite level sport, and I'm still playing plus swimming a lot but don't feel my fitness levels are quite that good; i sweat a lot more and my performance times are way worse.

as risk factors, my diet is quite high in salt and not heavy on fruits, and I'm a tyical young weekend drinker (probably binge by medical definition). also, up until around 6 months ago my job was very high stress for 2 years (nauseating).
any thoughts? advice? thanks in advance!

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replied July 14th, 2011
High Blood Pressure and Hypertension Answer A25027

Welcome to ehealthforum

First of all you need to understand that you are quite healthy and does not seem to be suffering from something you should be worried of.Blood pressure keeps on fluctuating throughout the day and is usually high during the day time.Usually after some form of activity as sports,exercise it can be expected to be higher.
Now resting heart rate is affected by various factors as age,sex,weight,fitness level,medications etc.Some atheltes even exhibit RHR of 40 but if it is not associated with any symptoms as breathlessness,chest pain,fatigue then it is not a cause of concern.
Regsrding the ED it can be easily overcomed by increasing the foreplay time and be relaxed on bed.Do some form of exerecise daily and reduce salt intake.Have more of fresh fruits and salads in diet.
Consider visiting a Physician for evaluation if symptoms worsen.

Take Care!

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replied July 14th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
hi, first things u can do for high blood pressure is drink more water.
u r obviously very healthy compared to most and your low heart rate shows that
if u don't eat much fish; then adding flax seed oil daily will help with the blood preassure also, now it tastes bad but your taste buds on only at the front of your tongue so carefully pour a tablespoon down the back of the throat and quickly eat a piece of pickle to get rid of any taste residue that u may not like
..good luck
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replied September 24th, 2011
High blood pressure, erectile dysfunction and general health
High Blood Pressure, a high salt diet and mental stress can worsen your condition and create new health issues. Sounds like a ton of stress on the body physically and mentally for someone your age. The problems with ED can be both mental and physical but with a poor diet just makes your body have to work harder when you are active (sexually or in sports). I would start by educating yourself a little more on how your lifestyle is causing HBP then do a simple program like iLowerBP (or something similar) to reduce stress, increase NO2 production through nasal breathing exercises (creates vasodilation) which can help both reduce your blood pressure and aid erectile function. Hope this helps Smile
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replied September 26th, 2011
Dropping My Blood Pressure Short Story
Hi for anyone that reads this and has concerns about blood pressure here my little story

After hitting 40 being 6 ft tall a diet which was basically fast food nights out and beer as I travel for work alot, I suffered from panic attacks IBS and being unfit in gerneral. After a trip to NY for mt 40th I felt a little under the weather back of the head pains vision playing up I had a free health check at a shopping center and basically was told to see my GP my BP was 144/95 Blood sugar OK my cholesterol levels were high and an eye check revealed that I had signs of high BP

In a nut shell i decided to do excersise Running ! I could not run 20mtrs with out stopping. after building this up I am fitter at 40 than i was at 18 I started from scrath in Dec 2010 on BP medication after 4 weeks i went to my GP and refused to take anymore and do it myself and now 9 months everything is brilliant 120/70 vision good no panic attacks I run 50km a week and love it. Cut down the salt and booze not completly and most of all add excersise, A life style change take something out and add something good in, instaed of 4 beers a night make it two, I have had my warning and alot of people my age just dont realise the long term problems they will face . please remember BP does not drop overnite with excersise in takes weeks / 3 months to kick in.
Running seems boreing and yes it it as times but the best bit is after. you feel tired but good in mind and body. I started with 3km a day 20mins now 8km a day in the week with a 15km or 20km at the weekend.
See you GP if you have any concerns.
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replied October 10th, 2011
High blood pressure solving the problem
(Moderator Please remove it if inappropriate)
I have just completed the study of a document by ion eXtra, who have a product for lowering blood pressure. In which they have written about solving the problem of high blood pressure.

"It is anticipated that people living in temperate zones will never be persuaded to undertake regular daily sweat-inducing exercise. Instead there has to be some kind of intervention to restore the proper habituation of HAVARDS. If a surplus of electrolytes could be created in the body then there would be no need for the protective conservation of electrolytes by the sweat ducts. If this surplus could be maintained then the sweat ducts would remain open, protected by antimicrobial peptides. This would then lead to angiogenesis and blood pressure would reduce to normal levels.

Trying to add electrolytes to body fluids, e.g. to the water in the digestive tract, will just result in surplus electrolytes being immediately dispersed and eliminated via the kidneys. This is why isotonic drinks are of little value in restoring electrolyte balance. For success, it is necessary to create an apparent surplus that cannot be eliminated by the normal processes of the body. The problem was how to achieve this apparent surplus.

We knew that the molecular behavior was controlled and modified by a process of inter-cellular signals. After much experimentation we created a tablet that sealed small quantities of electrolyte, (e.g. sodium, potassium, magnesium and chloride) within a coating. The coating is permeable to gas but not to liquid. The solid electrolytes within the tablet change the environment where the relevant cells exist by rearranging the local water molecules so it seems to the body that there are electrolytes actually dispersed in the water when, in fact, there are not.

This re-ordering of water molecules is sufficient to open the ion channel gating (the mechanism through which cells exchange ions), although no ions can pass through the channel as they are held inside the tablet. However, opening ion channels initiates cell-to-cell signalling throughout the body, with the body metabolism adjusting its behavior to deal with an apparent surplus of electrolytes.

In summary, a surplus would normally activate ion transport to remove the surplus electrolytes that have been provided by the tablet. However, the electrolytes cannot dissolve, because of the tablet’s coating, and so the electrolytes cannot be removed. The apparent surplus continues whilst the tablet brushes past the epithelial cells achieving the objective of creating an apparent constant surplus of electrolytes. The consequent receipt of signals telling the body that there is a surplus prevents the inappropriate conservation of electrolyte by the sweat duct transmembrane regulator. The electrolytes sealed in the tablet pass through the body unchanged by being used, continually signalling and providing the desired effect for 24 hours or a little longer. The small amount of electrolytes in the tablet appear as normal molecular particles to the body.

Full angiogenesis of skin capillaries by this process over 14 to 30 days will usually generate a lasting reduction in blood pressure to the level of a typical twenty-one year old, in the absence of major organ disease or significant fatty deposits or cholesterol plaque in the arteries."
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