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hidden penis/undecended testicles

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My grandson is 15 mo. old. Neither of his testicles are 'down'. And his penis is so little. 1/2" (unless you push the skin down) From what I have read, he may have a 'hidden' penis' and adhesion of the foreskin. He is very tall and slim.But he does have an area of fat, (fat pad) right there. I am just hoping that as he gets older, it will come out a little. As far as his testicles go, his pediatrician has NOT ONCE mentioned it to us. That really bothers me and my daughter. What should we do?

Well, anyway, you all understand loving your child and wanting them to have a good life. I guess I just love him so much, I worry too much. I never had a son. But many nephews and friends' babies. So I really don't know much about any of this. Any help here would be so appreciated. Crying or Very sad

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