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HIDA scan numbers

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Six weeks ago, I went for my monthly bloodwork. I take methotrexate for my arthritis. My liver enzyme (ALT) came back mildly elevated. I was told to repeat my bloodwork in two weeks and the ALT came back about 100 points higher and my AST came back mildly elevated.

During that time, I saw my PCP and told him I had had some pale stool a few times the week I saw him and that I was having some pain under my rib cage. I was referred to the GI doc Ive seen in the past for other health problems.

He thinks it's my gallbladder and did an EGD with EUS today. (that's internal ultrasound) He didn't find any stones in the ducts. The last set of bloodwork showed a normal pancreas and my liver enzymes have come back down. My rheumatologist had me stop the methotrexate a couple of weeks ago.

Now he wants me to do the HIDA scan scan since "no surgeon will consider removing the gallbladder without knowing the results of that first." I also have a 6 mm gallbladder polyp.

Can anyone tell me what kinds of numbers to look for in this test? What's considered abnormal or unusual?

Thanks for your help. I have so many health issues and I just want things sorted out.


oops.....almost forgot.....
Last weekend, I had a snack late on Saturday evening. Afterwards, I got terrible stabbing pains in my back (as in take-my-breath-away pain). It lasted about 10 minutes. It was at the same level the RUQ pain under the ribcage in the front. Could this be the gallbladder?
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replied May 17th, 2008
My GB (I believe) is intermittently causing me nausea and discomfort (but no pain). I had learned that certain foods triggered the symptoms more than others so the day before my test I had one of them. I was worried I'd be having one of my good days and the gallbladder would work fine and the doc's would think I'm crazy.

I just had the test done this week. Not enough of the dye entered my gallbladder to do the CCK part. Non-visualization of the gallbladder is also a sign of gallbladder disease. My doctor hasn't gone over the results with me yet, but I found out about the non-visualization doing a search and it matches up for me. So, I'm still waiting for my GI doc to get the results and hear what he recommends.

To answer your question, If the dye does fill up in the Gallbladder then they inject you with cck to contract the gallbladder. If less than 30-35% of the contents empty they usually consider that a sign of something being wrong. If you have been taking PPI antacids for a while they can have been shown in at least one study to cause the gallbladder to operate less efficiently, so if you are borderline you may want to talk to your doctor and try a H2 blocker antacid instead.
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replied May 17th, 2008
The PPI's and related GB stuff
Thanks Eihcet,

That's interesting about the PPI's. I've been on them for awhile because I do have GERD. I've tried stopping them in the past after stopping the medications causing the problem. After a couple of weeks, the GERD comes back anyway. The H2 blockers don't work as well unfortunately.

Is fatigue a part of gallbladder problems?

Smile Elaine
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replied May 19th, 2008
I really don't know about fatigue being a diangosed symptom but I can see it being indirectly related. If you think about it, all the anxiety and nausea, aggravation of the vagus nerve, etc could all cause a wide range of secondary symptoms. Will it get better if your Gallbladder is removed? If that is the main problem it could help I suppose.

I'm bummed out because I've been feeling crappy since I had my scan done on Wednesday. I don't blame the scan, but, it's just one of those weeks for me I guess. I thought I was feeling better on Saturday and then bam, had a mild (compared to others) attack last night. No pain, but, the nausea was back and felt really really full for quite a few hours. At least it didn't interupt my sleep this time. I mention because, that would circle back to fatigue again.
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replied February 27th, 2009
Hida shows liver emptying bile into duodenum and esophagus
My doctor wants me to see a gastroenterologist about the reflux,(I'm on Protonix),and I guess I'll need an EGD. Today was the ulstrasound,and I have gallstones. Havent' yet discussed that with my internist. Is the bile reflux serious? meg
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