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I began to feel what I thought was heart burn about 15 days ago. A little splurge of diet, I over three days ate some pizza. I usually do not eat any fried foods or drink any caffeine or absolutely carbonated drinks (ever), however I do daily have a hemp protein shake as a meal replacement with either soy or nonfat milk. I suffered through the pain for 5 days, no relief from tums, Maalox, or zantac. One of my docs did a bedside ultrasound and thought I had a dilated common bile duct ans suspected a stone. he told me to take some ibuprofen and Maalox. I took them, walked out of a patients room and began to vomit. I then checked in and was noted to have three inflammed lymphnodes around my liver/gallballer. My K+ was 3.2 at the time and all other labs unremarkable. US normal and CT normal. No stones were seen. I was scoped the next day and was found that I have an ulcer and esophigitis. I tried my Omeprazole and it was not working.

Well Starting Friday I continued to have the heart burn and a new dull pain under my right rib cage, I felt burpy, and pain began to radiate into my back and right shoulder. It comes in waves I can't find a position comfortable enough and I then can't sit still.

Monday, I just kept getting these symptoms. Went and saw my GI doc. My HR was 144 bpm, and (normally hypo or normo tensive) was hypertensive. I was sent back to the ED. They did another ultrasound and said my common bile duct is mildly enlarged (this was just another bedside US), my K+ was now 3 and my LFT and WC were mildly elevated. I went home and have a HIDA today. I have been reading a lot of horror stories on the internet about people being misdiagnosed for years and having to live through the pain. I don't want that.

My scan is today.
Q1-What happens if you are sick and can't eat much for days before the HIDA?

Q2-What happens if you eat before a HIDA (too close to the exam), I am getting different instructions, one said to not eat 6 hours before scan, and another told me 2-4 hours before scan; what is correct?.

Q3-Also they told me not to drink any coffee, which I don't anyway, but what would that do?

Q4-I don't want a false positive (can lead to surgery unnecessarily). What gives you a false positive?
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replied August 6th, 2009
My HIDA instructions were no eat/drink 6 hrs before scan which is what I did. I'm guessing that if you eat too close to the HIDA then your GB will already have emptied to help digest. They want it to be full so that they can simulate by injecting CCK hormone to make your GB think it needs to empty. They then measure the rate of ejection which tells if it is functioning properly.

Hang in there.
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