I have had some trouble breathing, when I eat, it seems as the food passes in to my stomach its very uncomfortable, I've been having chest pains and also shortness of breath. I think I have a Hiatal Hernia but I cannot leave work to make it to my primary care physician to get his opinion. I have considered going to the ER the last couple nights because the pain has been pretty intense.

Does it sound like a Hiatal Hernia or something else? Would it be pointless to go? Would they be able to check for that or since it's not life threatening would it go unnoticed?

I know that they cant do anything about a hernia, besides surgery in extreme cases, but I would still like to know if the ER would give me some insight as to why i'm in so much pain, or it would be a waste of time.
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replied August 5th, 2013
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I think it would be worth your time to at least go to your GP if your unsure of going to the hospital because your are showing congruent symptoms of a hernia. Also, as to work I don't think your superior are going to say "your in pain? and having a hard time breathing? well that's too bad fix it your own time." You know? your health should be a higher priority then work. As to the lack of noticed thing just say your concerned about a hiatal hernia and then confirm after some testing as whether or not they checked. Don't be scared of asking the doctor in question as what they are checking for. So obviously this is not a waste of time.
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