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Hi all,

I think I might have a hiatal hernia or stomach cancer. Symptoms are: Upper abdominal pain, esophagus pain, ileocecal valve pain, and mild flank pain. Also I've been having an upset stomach, feel weak/tired often and have a swollen lymph node under my chin on the right side. I've had this pain for 2 months since a night of drinking too much and vomiting, but it has recently (1 week ago) gotten worse. I can feel a weird pressure when I breathe almost all the time now.

My doctor thought it was gastritis and just now FINALLY agreed to refer me to a gastroenterologist so its gonna be a while before I can get help :(

My symptoms seem to fall somewhere between a hernia and cancer, so I was wondering if any of you had input or perhaps a way I could test to see if I have a hernia? I've heard you can massage a hernia to help correct it?

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
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