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Hiatal Hernia of the diaphgram


I started having lump in my throat and light pain in esophagus while swallowing liquids (but not food). Althought i wasnt sure about that pain. I was nervous and for sure i had also globus histericus.

I went to gastroscopy.
Results are:

- esophagus clear except linear congestions on bottom (Doc said its not strong enough to call it inflammation of esophagus);
- stomach fine, except hiatal hernia of the diaphgram;
- no heliobacter pylori.
Doctor said this (i mean congestion) is threated with PPI medication only, but i dint ask for specific's, unfortunately.
Since today morning im taking 40 mg omeprazoulm.
I still feel little lump in throat and little pain while swallowing liquids (maybe its after - gastroscopy effect?).

So i want ask here:
1. how long treatment lasts and does mocus membrane of esophagus goes back to full health after ending the treatment?

2. Should I use any diet? Am i able to drink beer lets say 2 times a week (Its Euro 2016 so i had planned meetings with friends when our team plays...).

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