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Hiatal Hernia and Gastritis - Nothing helps. Severe pain

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For the past few months I was having extreme pain in my left side and even more pain after I eat.
After seeing many doctors and many failed attempts to treat me I had a Colonoscopy and an EGD
and it was determined that I have gastritis and a hiatal hernia.
The problem is - I am getting worse, not getting better - not matter what type of medicine i take.
No matter what i eat. I feel the pain even if i only drink water. If i drink juice, apple juice, veggie juice, green tea - my stomach
explodes in severe pain. If I eat solid or soft food - no matter what it is - huge explosion of pain.
i use the restroom almost as soon as i eat or drink anything.
i haven't pooped solid in months. I am on probiotics, muscle relaxers, pain meds...i've tried licorice, aloe vera, grape food seed extract. Everything. Yet, I honestly feel like my life is about to be over because I am utterly worthless with
this horrible condition and NOTHING is treating it or making it better.
What can I do? I have over 10,000 dollars in doctor bills and I am getting extremely frustrated because nothing is working.
Will a hiatal hernia affect this food intake? It is in my chest - it is in my stomach.
Someone please, please help. glance
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replied September 6th, 2011
I am confused as to why you are not taking anything to reduce the acid. I was told that my hiatal hernia was large enough so that it caused part of my stomach or esophagus to float above the diagphram and resulted in the gastritis. Was tried on various PPI's, aciphex, nexium, protinix but found prilosec the best. I took prilosec (omemprazole) twice a day until the left side pain stopped and then went on once a day. Occassionly I get a flare up and go back on twice a day. This was prescribed by my doctor but since omeprazole is now over the counter, try itl.

Ho9pe it helps
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replied November 2nd, 2012
hello that was happening to me it was my goal bladder see a surgeon... ultra sound will find it...
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