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missed period with pregnancy symptoms

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Well I few days before my 19th birthday, my boyfriend came over and we fooled around. I just didn't think he got anything on me. I think I went to the bathroom after he left and I didn't wash my hands before using the restroom. But I thought sperm died after being on surface after awhile.

Well I don't remember if I had my period or not for January. But I know I'm 2 weeks late for this month (Feburary). And I'm usually always a few days early. I didn't really expect anything out of it, because I mean I have been a few days late before. But now I'm just plain out worried since I'm 2 weeks late. At first I just figured it was stress, because a lot has been going on in my life. But I don't know anymore.

I have missed a period, I feel movement in my lower stomach, I feel constipated, I feel sick but do not throw up, I have off and on back pains (like I get before my period) but nothing happens, I've had white discharge for the past 2 months, I have gained a few pounds, I have weird cravings, and dear lord have I used the restroom more than I have in my entire life! I know when I was at work it seemed I had to go every hour, sometimes more. And when I sneeze, a little comes out. And it's not like I've been holding it in for awhile, it's like BAM it's there and I can't hold it any longer. And all I've been wanting to do is sleep.

I'm scared, because my boyfriend and I just broke up the beginning of Feburary. We still talk everyday and he still cares about me. But he went back to his ex girlfriend who he has a kid with. I do want to find out but I don't want to tell him because I don't want him to think I'm trying to find excuses to make him come back to me. Because I'm not. I'm glad he's happy but I do want to tell him if I am because I know he'll always be there for me and the baby, even if he decided to stay with the girl he's with now. I'm just confused. I know I'm not ready for the baby but at the same time I'll be excited if I am...

I've had 2 pregnancies before I lost them both, one in the summer 2005 and then one in the summer of 2006. The one is 2006 is the same guy I've been with until this year in Feburary when we broke up. So it's not like I sleep around and the guy and I are still pretty close friends. I talk to him everyday.

I'm not like most regular teens who end up pregnant. I have 2 jobs and I live on my own. But I might be moving in with my brother next month. So I don't really want to hear "your dumb" or "your to young" or whatever else. I know I am young, but nothing much I can do it about now? I was with the guy for 2 years.
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