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Herpes symptoms without sores ?

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My girlfriend and I have herpes. She gave it to me, but she's never had leisures. She did tell me that after she had sex with this one guy, she felt very sick and had pains in her abdomen and vaginal area.

Around the time she infected me she did bleed from her vagina, thinking it was her period starting early, but it wasn't so. It was followed by tiredness, sluggishness, headaches and pain in her entire body, especially her back. I've read that these are all possible symptoms of herpes, but I've never thought they were since she never had any sores. We always thought she was asymptomatic, but it just occurred to me today to ask this: Can these symptoms actually be herpes outbreaks without the classic leisures?
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replied June 26th, 2008
The symptoms you are mentioning (tiredness, sluggishness, headaches and pain in her entire body) are general and common symptoms for many types of infections. Such general symptoms can occur during the first (primary) herpes infection. The following herpes outbreaks are manifested only with local skin/mucosal lesions.
Vaginal bleeding is not a sign of herpes infection, neither for primary one nor for outbreaks.
Herpes simple infection can be transmitted even if there are no visible lesions.
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replied July 7th, 2011
genital herpes symptoms.
agree with dr. nikola. i dont think it's the symptoms for genital herpes.if you like, you can ask the live herpes counselor on HerpesGroups. hope this helps.
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