Hello. This is my first time posting a topic on forum so it might be hard to read but I'll try to organize my long story.
Anyway, I lost my virginity 3 weeks ago to my first boyfriend who is 28 (I'm 1Cool. On that night, I ended up having sex twice unprotected . It happened so quick that I totally forgot to ask him about condom and the next morning I finally realized that I'm in trouble .... I was disappointed of myself because i thought i was mature enough and knew enough information about sex.

From then on, we started to have sex every time he comes visit my house ( twice a week).but stupid me, I always get overwhelmed and end up forgotten to ask for a condom , I felt like I completely missed the timing to ask him for it....
I was worried about getting pregnant, but I had no idea about STDs...I was screwed at this point but 2 days after I had my last sex a nightmare happened I felt a cut in my vagina, it started to itch and burn... so I made an appointment a clinic for check up and I was told that I was diagnosed with herpes..

it is obvious that I got it from him but I am not mad at him nor devastated about herpes actually, although it hurts like a hell I can't even walk. but I don't know what to do with my boyfriend. I need advise!! any advise it'll be appreciated ! because I am amateur on sex, boys, life, love etc... Thanks.
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replied June 15th, 2012
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I am sorry to hear this.

It is important to tell him. He might not even know he's got it, even though it is unlikely, it is possible. If he does not know, he will just infect his next girlfriend as well. If he does know, you have to evaluate your relationship with him, and decide if you are willing to continiue with a guy that was willing to give you an incur able infection knowingly.

You will also have to tell every future partner of yours before you get intimate. As you probably know by now, herpes cannot be cured, and you can pass it on at any time.

Best of luck. I hope everything works out for you.
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