Ok so boyfriend and me always having sex, rough or easy, doesn't matter. We always have unprotected sex but he pulls out or puts a condom on, this time he didn't pull out. Next day i had morning after pill anf got tested for Stds, that day I have a little hardish bump on my pubic region, about 1-2cm away from my clit. The nurse said it looked fine and that was it. got home an next day I then had two cuts either side of my vagina and anal opening, I began being itchy and I now have swollen tonsils and bit of a cold. I told my boyfriend an he has a bump too, and then later on said he has "white dry bits" in pubic area. So I am terrified if it is herpes, from what I've been reading up it does sound like it. My boyfriend and I both been tested before we met and I caught something and he was clear, but it was all sorted. It's the weekend so can't get to doctors and I am going crazy. Can anybody help please?
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replied January 8th, 2013
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You've already posted this question. It is very, very, rare that you would know within 24 hours that you had contracted an STD. Nothing you write about resembles an STD (to my knowledge) and the "white dry bits," could just be fragments of lubrication from either of you.

If you previously had an STD and were treated for it, it might make you more susceptible to others. Ask your doctor (or call the pharmacist at the drug store or call and ask to speak with a nurse in the ER dept at the hospital) if having (whatever you had) would make it easier for you to contract Herpes.

Instead of worrying, try spending time researching for answers. I'm serious; it will take your mind off things. Don't start Googling--it will make you crazy.
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