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Hernia Repair Gone Wrong Surgeon Not Helping

Long long story but will sum it up........
I am four weeks post surgery on 6/24/09 and have had nothing but complications since day one. I had a ventral hernia repair with a six inch vertical incision from belly button down. I was outpatient discharged with a JP drain. The drain never drained properly having to strip and drain it due to the large clots and tissue. Surgeon removed drain one week post op even though large amounts of tissue were still draining. Surgeon stated staples needed to be in at least one more week. I then had a staple pop and my pain became worse. I saw surgeon 2 days after removing drain due to pain and he choose to remove staples. Since that time the bottom 3-4 inches on incision has dehissed with excessive amounts of drainage(soaking abd at least every 6 hours at this point) and if no dressing on the drainage literally pours out. Surgeon continues to say not concerned so seek help at an urgent care. Internal wound culture done showing two bacterial infections including MRSA as one. Contacted surgeon with results and still no concern for treatment. I have been in and out of ERs, Drs, and hospitals 24 times since my first originating pain from hernia and can get no one to help me. I have never been given any wound care instructions and the pain continues to worsen. Can anyone give any advice or insight on what to do?
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First Helper lovemy4angels

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replied June 23rd, 2009
One must presume that your mesh is infected, based upon the history that you have provided. In some cases, the mesh can be salvaged if it becomes infected. In other cases, the mesh cannot be salvaged, and must then be removed.

If your surgical wound is open, and you have a large, draining subcutaneous cavity (and exposed mesh), it might be worth a try to use something known as a Wound Vac. This involves placing an absorbent sponge into the wound, and covering the sponge with "plastic wrap." A small suction pump then sucks the wound fluid into a plastic chamber, and also, over time, accelerates healing of the surgical wound.

You might wish to mention this approach to your surgeon.

Finally, as always, if you do not believe that your physician is communicating with you appropriately, then I recommend that you schedule an appointment with him/her to specifically discuss your unhappiness and concerns. If this does not lead to a better relationship with your surgeon, then you may wish to seek a second opinion.

Sincerely/ Robert A. Wascher, MD, FACS

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replied March 25th, 2011
My sister has had an hernia operation and now her belly button is on her side and and her tummy is egg shaped. Is this how it should be?
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replied June 24th, 2009
My mesh is not exposed so I was not leaning toward that being the problem. I have attempted to voice my concerns to him multiple times and his answer always is everything is fine. Even though the culture of the wound was swabbed inside the opening of the wound he denies that being accurate. He states that the bacterias were on my skin. I am also running into the problem that I cannot find another surgeon to take me due to the condition of the wound. I had the oncall surgeon at an ER refuse to treat and stated to page my surgeon. I am so lost on what to do!
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replied July 14th, 2009
Extremely eHealthy
It sounds like you are having problems from the mesh repair with your hernia. Listen to your body. Many people are suffering from hernia mesh complications. I am inclcuded in this number.
You can develop a wide range of problems from the mesh going bad.
Please read through all the posts you can,find out what type of mesh was used in your repair. Report it to the FDA, adverse event department. The links on the top of this site.
If you need more info, please ask.
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replied October 20th, 2009
My husband had a problem with his hernia repair and it turned out that they had stapled the mesh to the bladder. I would have a ct scan done with a new dr. Maybe that would help?
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replied April 20th, 2010
I had an umbilical repair done three weeks ago. They went in through the left side. The incisions healed well, my problem is i have severe pain in my upper right side. I was developing pain that day but it is progressively getting worse. I try to take a deep breathe in and can''t. I can but it hurts to much to do so. Anyone with ideas please let me know.
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replied September 19th, 2010
Hernia REpair and staples
Is it possible for a hernia repair done 3 years ago
to cause bladder problems. The urethra burns all the time. Have been on Cipro 6 weeks, pyreidum and still
burning inside at the top of the pubic bone and that
is the base of the mess. xray shows about 22 stamples.
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replied June 2nd, 2011
My dad had surgery 5 years ago and is still in pain. He has been to several doctors and none of then can help. They say he will just have to live with it. I do not want my dad to be in pain anymore. We live in Northern California if anyone knows a doctor he could see I would be grateful.
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replied June 5th, 2011
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If you list who you have already seen, people may be able to offer better suggestions without repeating doctors you have already consulted with.
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replied December 18th, 2011
I had open hernia surgery just above my navel and it's been 5 weeks. I still have
An opening due to large blood clot draining or rather oozing. I too went
To ER and nothing they could do for me. I went 2 days ago to my Sugeon
And he pressed really hard around the wound area, a lot of old blood
Oozed out. He cleaned with peroxide and dressed it up. He said we must
Leave the wound open for draining. Its a foul smell and with a dressing and 2 layers
I can get a whif now and then. I took the dressing off last night and saw that
Small amounts now absorbed by gauze pad along with the nastiest
Smell. The wound appears to be healing on the top and bottom but I still
Have a hole 3/4" by 1/2" and the tissue look reddish pink. 2 main concerns;
INFECTION and whether this will heal CORRECTLY on it's own.
Not in pain and not taking any antibiotic.
And too the guy who started at the top, WHERE Are you today with your
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replied May 29th, 2014
I had an open double hernia in my groin area 6 months ago, it has steadily got more and more painful, no open wound but i cannot do my jeans up, nor can i roll over in bed, cough and it is painful most of the time! I have been to see a different specialist today whom said the surgeon should'nt have performed an open surgery and he has most probably done damage in other areas whilst he was in there and there is nothing i can do, just pain killers?????
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