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Hernia Repair Failed?

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Hey guys I had my hernia surgery on the right side 6 days ago. Tomorrow is my post op appointment. I was in pain for the first two days. After that it was getting better. The whole reason I had the hernia surgery was to repair my right testicle which looked inflated. Every time I go to the bathroom I always check it out and found a sense of hope that it would go down which I felt it did the first few days. My scrotum turned purple, but the doctor advised that it was normal. Today I noticed that my right testicle is inflated again and I'm not feeling any pain as before. I can get up, sit down, stand up fairly quick and can walk straight. It feels good to do those things again, but at the same time it makes me feel bummed out that the surgery has failed.

I did everything the doctor told me to do. I didn't push myself to do things I shouldn't, I drank a lot of water, took pain killers, took COLATE for the bowel movements, drank soups, I took a shower 5 days later making sure not to have direct contact and pat dry.

Has any body ever had this happen to them? Anyone going on for a second surgery? I can't wait for tomorrow to try and see if I can confirm what I am thinking it is :/ And if I do have to go at it again, I can't request more time off of work because I know it would affect me tremendously.
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