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Hernia Repair & adductus longus pain

I had surgery to repair hernia this past saturday.
The surgeon used a mesh.
I had a previous operation on my right side 6 years ago with no complications.
This time however, I have this awful pain, immobilizing pain in my groin area when I move in a certain way.
Im not sure if it is exactly the adductus longus muscle but I am desperate for help in knowing what this is, I thought i would provide as much information as possible.
I am going to see my surgeon tomorrow as an emergency visit.

some other info:

The area directly to the left of my penis, scrotum area, below the cut the surgeon performed is quite numb even though the surgery was performed days ago. It is is numb to the touch, i dont feel my fingers move over the skin area.
I mentioned to my doctor prior to the operation that I would feel 'gas pains' a fart moving through my instestines very much lower than normal. I would feel it almost in my adductus longus area, roughly where my numbness is now.

This pain is quite crippling when it does occur. Im not a doctor but it feels like nerve pain of some sort. I havent pulled many muscles in my lifetime so I cannot compare.

Any help alleviating my desire to know what the hell is going on, is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
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replied November 13th, 2008
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Most hernias can be repaired with a simple operation with minimal risks to the patient. I'm not sure what's really going on, but risks of hernia repair include:

* Bleeding
* Infection
* Injury to nearby structures
* Hernia returns

Please let us know how your emergency visit goes!
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replied November 13th, 2008
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What type of mesh did the doctor use?

I can not stress enough there are risks involved with the use of mesh? Yes there are risks with surgery but the meshes are causing a lot of problems for many people.
The FDA put a warning letter out on the meshes.
The links are below: esh-hernias.html icalmesh.html esh-popsui.html

If you continue to feel this way return to your surgeon.

Please keep us posted.
Best Wishes
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