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Hernia or Kidney Stones, or what?

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Hey all, I have scoured the internet and have come up empty handed except feeling scared. Heres the condition..

I woke up late for work Monday morning (two days ago) and had to use the bathroom (#2) pretty bad but was in a hurry. I have done this before w/ no problem and later on that day at work I started feeling like I had swallowed a rock. My first though was kidney stone. I had never had them before and no one in my family had them before but my wife gets them quite frequently.. I am 21 years old.

I thought it was Kidney stones because it was a discomfort (not a pain at all) in my abdomen, right below my rib cage and all the way to my back, where the kidney sits. SO I started drinking a LOT of water and naturally I started peeing alot. I have sit down job so it made it easy not to get to uncomfortable during the day. Like I said, though, NO PAIN at all, just discomfort like there was a rock in my abdomen/ side/back. It didn't hurt when I pee either

Then I started researcing the internet. Bad idea. So last night I start reading about hernias and how it can make a hole in my bowels and cause my organs to basically get swallowed in the hole and cause me to die if I don't get it looked at and have surgery. But like I said it is no pain at all and I think I may have just worried myself. but the symptoms sound the same. No pain...same spot..started after I went to the bathroom.

I went to bed last night and thought I would just go to the Dr and see what he could say about it. I can't really afford it right now, but I didn't want to die either. Well this morning it was gone. No bump feeling in my abdomen, nothing. SO i figured it was just a muscle pain or strain or something in my bowels. I shrugged it off and came to work instead of the Dr today. It has gotten worse today than it was this morning but so far it is probably 50% less of an issue than it was yesterday. Still no pain just a small marble type feeling in my abs/back.

I know most of you will just tell me to get it checked out, which I know, but is there any hope that it is just muscle cramping inside the bowels? I have no went to the bathroom as of yet, I don't usually have to go every day (the way I have always been) and it honestly just feels like the muscle I flex to "push" has discomfort when I flex that muscle. Any ideas??
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