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Hernia complications-need advice.

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Hello, I had laparoscopic bilateral inguinal hernia surgery back in April 2009. Everything was fine until this past October until I came home from the gym one night and noticed a small lump on my left side. Ever since then I've been through the gamit. I went back to my surgeon and he said I didn't have a recurrence. He had me get a CT scan that showed something but the CT doc said it didn't look like another hernia. So my surgeon said to take anti inflammatories for a couple weeks.

I did that and it didn't get better. It pops out when I sit or stand and goes away if I lay down. I went to another surgeon and he said that he could feel a small hernia and had to do open surgery because where they placed the mesh laparoscopically and the amount of internal scar tissue. So I have my initial surgeon saying no hernia and another saying hernia. On top of it all I started having a lot of pain on my right side down in my pubic area. There is no visible lump but definite discomfort and pain, pulling, and pinching. I've read about sports hernias and that they cause pain but no visible bulge.

Anyway I went to another surgeon yesterday at the Hernia Center at University of MD. And he didn't give me a definite answer either way. He first said he could feel a bulge but no weakness. He says it could be the mesh pushing through. Which makes no sense to me. He then said it could be a recurrence but the CT pics I brought with me didn't show enough. He didn't have an answer for the right side other than pain meds and it could be nerve inflamation.

So now I have to get a MRI. And if that doesn't show anything he wants to go in with a camera. All I know is that both sides bother me when I'm sitting or riding in the car. Not so much when I'm standing or laying down. The pain on left feels like pressure of something pushing out through my abdomin. My right is much lower in the pubic area where my leg meets my groin. I'm starting to get frustrated. He first made it sound like the only treatment would be pain injections but I don't think it's the nerves. It's something trying to push through that's causing the discomfort. There's an obvious bulge. Anyone experience something similar? Anyone know of a really good experienced hernia doc in the Northeast?
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replied April 1st, 2012
North Penn hernia institute in PA. Also oh.
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