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Hernia bulge after operation

In March I had a hernia operation for an Inguinal hernia and followed all the post op operation instructions. About 1.5 months later I played a round of golf and since then every so often I get this numbing pain for days and then it goes away. It has come back recently and is causing me discomfort. The buldge which is now where my scar is instead of my groin has always been there since my op and I thought it was just scar tissue. I am worried that it might be a relapse.
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replied October 7th, 2009
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The incision from the previous abdominal surgery is weakest, and most prone to a hernia, while it is still healing. While incisional hernias can develop or enlarge months or years after surgery, they are most likely to happen 3-6 months after surgery.
The first symptom a person may have with an incisional hernia is pain, with or without a bulge in the abdomen at or near the site of the original surgery.
When the bulge is present and is getting bigger over time and pain increases steadily, a surgery is usually suggested.
If the bulge is very small and can be pushed back in the abdominal cavity, only wearing a garment that applies constant pressure to the hernia can be a treatment of choice.
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