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Hernia above belly button is starting to cause pain, pops out

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Hi. I'm an 18 y.o female(110 lbs., 5"6) and I've had a hernia above my belly button since I was little. It is pretty small, nothing like what I find when I google "umbilical hernia". It's not even marble sized, it's just a small lump. It could be mistaken for an ab muscle, even. It has never caused me any discomfort up until a few weeks ago, which I can only relate to bike-riding for the first time since last summer.

A few weeks ago, I noticed the pressure in my stomach and what feels like a tiny tear. It is moderately painful and uncomfortable, but it feels much better when I apply a little pressure, and I can push it back in and make it invisible until I flex the muscle through laughing, talking, etc. Now though, if I do strain it too much, it will pop out in a larger size. Still not marble-sized, but noticeable and not passable as just an ab muscle.
I also have IBS and I'm currently on my period, but I've had cramps, bloating, and gas problems. I don't know if this is being caused by the hernia, but it's nothing new.

I'm going on vacation tomorrow, so I won't be able to see my doctor for a week. I know that it's not strangulated(no vomiting, no severe pain), but I'm wondering a few things:
1)Is this a umbilical hernia? It doesn't look anything like the pictures I see when I google that.
2)Is there any relief for the discomfort until I can get to my doctor?
3)Any other recommendations or warnings I should know about? I feel like I have to be careful, or it's going to burst or something. I don't quite understand what can happen with a hernia.
Thanks for reading!
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