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Here to support and be supported! Drop in and say Hi! :-)

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Hey all! My name is Sara, and I am a 29 year old from northern Ohio.

I used to be licensed in the pharmacuetical world, but no longer practice. I am an internationally published poet, and I love to write all sorts of things. I am also an avid concert and nature photographer. The love of my life is music, and I am surrounded by it all the time. Most of my friends are musicians, and I am active in my local music scene. I love everything from 50's doo wop, 60's rock, 70's metal and punk, to the rap of the early 80's... classical, old school country (Johnny Cash I <3 YOU!!), the Beatles, The Dave Matthews Band, and recently discovered this AMAZING band from Denmark called Volbeat. They are an incredibly unique combination of rock-a-billy meets doo wop with some slightly metal guitar work... crazy sounding, I know, but don't knock it til you try it! I highly recommend a listen!

I love art of all kinds, and am intensely interested in science. I have a deep love for learning everything I can about medicine, anatomy, pysiology, biochemistry, geology, astronomy, gemology, theology, sociology, anthropology... if you can add an "ology" to the end of it I'm probably interested in studying it! I love life, my friends and family (am blessed with GOOD ones) and I am an open minded Christian with a lot of gratitude for God, because science says I shouldn't be living right now, and theonly reason I am still here is a miracle. I love having fun, being out doors, and am a bit of an adrenaline junkie. I also love animals and used to be a vet tech some years ago. Many of my passions have been shelved because...

I am living with several unpleasant disorders, but am living, at least! sunny I have a pretty aggressive form of spinal degeneration, which no one has any answers as to why. I struggle with cervical and lumbar stenosis, a heart condition, PCOS (the women out there probably know what that is), post traumatic stress disorder, a history of depression... which is actually doing pretty well these days! I also have some really severe insomnia, which is what led me to this site. I commonly stay up for 3-5 days at a time, and have been fervently searching for remedies to long term insomnia that aren't addictive or dangerous. HA! Good luck with that, I know.

I am here because I've been through a tremendous amount of life in my 29 years and I love to listen, give decent advice, am very good at research, and find it cathartic to support other people. I am open to anyone, and completely non judgemental. I don't care what your faith is, what your political beliefs may be, or what you've done in the past... I am here to befriend anyone who needs a good friend. It's one thing I am confident that I'm good at!!

Drop in and say hi!
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replied November 26th, 2010
Hello again SaraPie.
Like you, I suffer from a variety of back issues but fortunately, a lack of sleep is not a problem for me. If anything, my medications make me sleep too much! But I know I am blessed as well to be in as good a condition as I am- things could be/ were supposed to be much worse given some of my diagnoses.
Good luck with finding solutions to your problems and I hope to see you around the site.
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