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Herbalife and Hypothyroidism

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What are the sideeffects of Herbalife on Hypothyroidism
hormonal imbalance
no side effect
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My wife has Hypothyroidism, She takes 75 mg/day of thyroxin. Although her thyroid is in control her weight is above the scale. She is 5'5 and 85 kilos after the baby. During the pregnancy she has increased 10 kilos and the weight is not decreased after her delivery. In recent times we are hearing about the product called Herbalife for weight management. Can she take Herbalife products?

With my regular internet research, i find Herbalife product has ISOLATED SOY PROTEIN which increases ISOFLAVONES in the body which means ESTROGEN DOMINANCE which affects the BALANCE in the harmones.

As a Lehman i found this. I need some professional guidance. As an Endocrinologist please give your thoughts on this. Thanks....
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replied December 11th, 2012
tsh 6.8 i am gaining wait
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