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Herbal laxative suggestions?

Hi guys,

Hopefully someone can help me with this.

I am a 27 year old female (in the UK) who for as long as she can remember has had trouble when going for a poo. At the moment, if left alone I will only go every 4-5 days or so at best. As a result, I am in constant discomfort.

I also have a very sensitive stomach and gastritis so normal laxatives and a number of herbal ones from Boots etc cause me cramps and pain and aren’t a good solution. Basically, anything with Senna will cause me pain, which seems to be the ingredient in most natural/herbal laxatives.

I generally have a very good diet, high in vegetables and fibre so I am assuming this isn’t the cause. Some of the things that do NOT work for me include:
- Hot water in the morning (with/without lemon)
- Teas/coffees or any hot drinks(esp. green tea with peppermint - still nope!)
- Dried fruit (sometimes it works, but causes cramps and pain!)
- Regular exercise
- Fibre powders (e.g. Fybogel)
- Green/alkaline veg

I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations for me based on this? I know there are solutions out there, because after seeing an acupuncturist, she gave me some herbal pills that were absolutely magical. Unfortunately, she won’t tell me their name are as she wants to sell them to me and make her margin, which is fair enough.

I am completely open to any alternative medicines and will also look into any Chinese medicine/remedies for this.

Please help me poo!

Thanks so much
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