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Hemorrhoid with rare bowel movements ?

Obviously it's my first time getting a hemorrhoid. The problem is that I'm only sixteen. I can't find anything similar to me except that my hemorrhoid looks similar to pictures I've seen. I'm sure that I got it from straining while I was on the toilet a couple days ago. The thing is, I was straining because I thought I needed to go, but I didn't? I don't drink very much water, but I do eat a lot of vegetables. I don't have any bleeding and I don't feel any pain at all. I actually didn't notice until I was taking a shower and cleaning myself that something different was there. I've read in plenty of places that all I need to do it take sitz baths and change my diet. I don't eat very much, at all. Therefore, I usually don't go to the restroom unless it's to pee. It's only been about three days, but I'm REALLY freaked out. Considering my age, and the fact that I don't bleed and I rarely have bowel movements.

Does this mean I don't have hemorrhoids ? And that there is just a foreign lump around my anus ?

Pretty sure it's hemorrhoids, I told my dad that I was pretty freaked out and he said he had them when he was 28. He claims that it's because I don't sleep correctly (8 hours a night type of deal).

What should I do ?
Should I start eating more so I can actually go to the restroom ? Cause I'm pretty sure that there isn't enough waste in my body to do anything at all.

By the way, I've also read that it could be premenstrual ?
I'm really doubting that that is my problem. I rarely get cramps or any symptoms of PMS when it's about time for my period.
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replied July 21st, 2009
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First: calm down. Hemorrhoids are very common. If you aren't having any bleeding or pain, that's good.

As long as you are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as other aspects of a well-rounded diet, and are of normal weight, I wouldn't suggest you eat more to produce more bowel movements. Everyone has a different schedule. Some go three or four times a day, some every three days. As long as it stays regular for you, it's fine.

Don't force yourself to go, especially if you don't feel you have to. If you are having constipation, try using a daily fiber supplement (don't use other laxatives except as a last resort and then only for short periods of time).

You should drink more water, however.

If you start to bleed or have pain, you should go to the doctor. Until then, relax when you go to the bathroom, get some over-the-counter hemorrhoid cream (don't use it for too long, though), and soak in a warm bath regularly. If things don't get better, then you should see a doctor. But at this point, I don't think it's anything to worry about.
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