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Hemorrhoid, sore stomach.


About three days ago, I got a feeling of nausea and pain in my stomach right after a bowel movement, a few hours later I noticed I had developed a hemorrhoid, the first time iv ever had one. The next say I had a bowel movement which seemed perfectly normal, although I tried holding it in for awhile as I thought it would be painful with the hemorrhoid. I also noticed I was experiencing a lot of gas which I also tried holding in for the same reason. Now as time passed the hemorrhoid finally started going away. Today when I had a bowel movement however, I got the same nauseous feeling with pain in my stomach, and now a new Hemorrhoid has appeared. What's going on? Is it just some sort of bug? Some advice would really be helpful as I'm quite a hypochondriac and new things like this tend to really worry me.
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replied October 21st, 2011
Also, I have the feeling that I have to go, but then when I try to use the washroom nothing happens (This just took place a few minutes ago). I assume this is constipation? (I have never been constipated). But I did use the washroom just a few hours before this took place. As you can probably tell I am getting a bit nervous haha.
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replied October 27th, 2011
Sometimes a hemorrhoids can actually make you feel closed, or restricted. This may be why you are having a hard time passing a stool.
If it is just constipation, then it will definitely make your hemorrhoids worse. You should start adding fiber to your diet. Taking a stool softener should help relieve constipation pretty quickly.
You may consider trying ice to reduce the swelling. You need to make sure you keep the area clean. If possible, try taking a sitz bath after each bowel movement, or at least some time throughout the day.
A doctor can prescribe treatments for the symptoms, but in my experience (thrombosed hemorrhoid had to be cut out), I have since found much better ways of getting rid of hemorrhoids by using herbal type remedies.
Research Nux Vomica for hemorrhoids. I've read that it's a good natural remedy to hemorrhoids that are brought on by constipation and are causing a 'constricting' type of feeling.
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replied November 5th, 2011
Hi there ..
Most of medical stuff like ointments or tablets to put inside cover up problem but it does not SOLVE the CAUSE of the problem...If you follow strictly, I repeat strictly my advises ..the lumps will slowly and gradually abate .

1, do keep drink pure water regime every day 2-3 liter

2) Do regular excercise at LEAST 1 hour a day 5times a week

3) Try to avoid red meat and also any animal proteins if possible or at least REDUCE it to minimal levels (once or twice a week)

4)VERY IMPORTANT don't mix meal but try to eat food separately according to chemical structure.There are three main groups :protein meals,neutral foods and starch meals..the basic idea is not eat together the starch and proteins at the same time..I strongly advice you to buy a bookfrom Gundrun Jonsson Gut Reaction on Amazon or Ebay they sell it foe few dollars..

5)Try to eat rather less then to feel of being completely full and more times a day 3-5 times

6, Avoid spicy food completely,Alcohol,smoking ..

7) Avoid eating anything fried or baked in oven,also ban on eating any sort of bread and bakery , fresh or steamed or boiled instead...

8,Do not eat ANY processed food!Especially tins, white bakery chips,

9) VERY IMPOTANT DO NOT EAT FOOD WIT SUGER CONTENT AS IT IS NOT NATURAL FOR HUMANS AND it cuases severe and serious disbalance in yor intestines! So I repeat no candies or sugar in ANY form!(cakes,bonbons,sweets,sugar in tee ecetr..)

10) At least 50% of your daily intake should be a vegetable

Instead of meet very good substitute are lentils,beans,soya, peas ecetr..

If you follow these rules seriously you will soon feel the results..(1-3 months) If not let me know and I will tell you you havent followed the rulles because these rulles works 100% on anyone... including me and many cases of my friends family ..colleagues..
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