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Hi Three years ago I had my first bout of hemroidal bleeding (bleeding after a bowel movement only no blood stools, obvious anal source). Ever since than I have become focused on my stools looking for blood cause I'm scared of cancer. A year after my first bleed I found a dark reddish black chunk of blood in my stools. I had a sigmoid and colonoscopy which should anal papilli and nodular lymphoid hyperplasia of the terminal ileum. Today I noticed more blood. Looked like spots and streaks on the outside of the stool but the blood wasn't fresh, it was a rusty reddish brown. there was streaks on all four separate pieces of stool but no blood on the toilet paper. The 3 questions I want answers to are 1) can internal hemroids cause streaks of blood on stool but NO blood on toilet paper? 2) can internal hemroids be responsible for darker blood chunks? Maybe from bleeding internally inside the rectum between bowel movements therefore the blood darkens 3) do I need further testing? I'm only 23

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