I went to the neurologist on Tuesday because of numbness/tingling/burning sensation in my right hand (and minor numbness in my left foot when working out). I had blood work done. I received the lab results back at midnight last night via an online chart. Hemotocrit and rbc were low. Hemoglobin was also almost flagged as low. For me that is normal...I stay anemic. But on another test that was done a statement said "slight hemolysis".

My son was hospitalized at 4 mo old due to suspected hemolytic anemia. (Turns out it was just severe anemia due to iron deficiency). So I am aware of some of hemolysis.....

I'm a bit concerned but the doc has not answered me back nor called...and it is almost the weekend.

Other info:
I have ibs and some major incontinence. I am overweight but am working out 4 to 5 days a week (since late December). I am also breastfeeding my 20 month old.

Can anyone give any insight to the lab findings? Anyone had "slight hemolysis" with the same or similar symptoms? (Numbness....bowel issues....incontinence)

Any advice/input is greatly appreciated. I hate the waiting game :
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