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Hemangioma Of Glans Penis is bleeding!

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I'm bleeding as a result of hemangioma Of the Glans of the Penis which I have had all my life but have NEVER been officialy diagnosed with it. I've counted up to 20 purple/blue/red dots. I have lost nearly a cup of blood being evacuated from the Glans therefore, the corpus spongiosum over the last three weeks. As a result, I feel like I have an erection sometimes and I don't, I think I may have fractured my penis due to possible weakening of the corpus spongiosum therefore, the overall erection. I didn't hear a pop but then again I feel I have been desensitised to pain in my penis as a result of loss of blood in the corpus spongiosum.
There is a buldge encircling my penis just below the head or corona of the glans; it mirrors the head of my penis, to me it's right where the Corpus cavernosum ends. That is when I strech my penis out you can still see the bulge and it's hard and looks like another smaller glans or penis head under the skin just below the head of my penis.
I have been to my doctor and two emergency rooms and they all say its a vein or artey. I continue to tell them well, it WASN'T THERE 2 days ago or now 2 weeks and 2 days and it hurts, not bad but, and it's hard nodule to the touch and it hurts to a point where I can't masturbate to ejaculate to completetion. I feel my penis is shorter by up to an inch and a half too.
I don't know how to convince these doctors it wasn't there before and it hurts. I'm 50 and I know my penis. I had a particular rough sex session 3 weeks ago where I used a "penis" ring (I'm sorry I don't now any other way to put it) and when I finished my erection wasn't subsiding and there was blood (not much) coming from the Hemangioma Of Glans Penis, so I pulled off the ring (wasn't a strap) in line with my penis. So I feel that this may have been when the original injury took place. Keep in mind that at that point I may have lost the equivilant of 1/2 cup of blood from the corpus spongiosum (spraying out due to a ruptured Hemangioma spot/dot/blood blister. May I add they these dot do grow back or rather push up from under the skin of the Glans Penis and have been doing so for the last 2 years all of a sudden. First 40 or 50 years, no problem. I didn't notice the buldging until a week after that.

The dot's aren't a rash, blister of any kind (had them all my 40+ years of life.)

I don't have an STD of ANY KIND. Been tested to the point where all STD's are excluded too. I have only had 1 woman all my married life. No homosexual relationship either.

Will the blood be restored to the corpus spongiosum? I get erections but I don't feel their as erect as possible anymore. And can I still get an erection if I do have a fractured penis?
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