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Helping teen recover from PTSD ?

Are there some good steps to use when trying to help our son recover from PTSD? I had some serious surgeries. I had no warning symptoms. The first surgery was 14 hours long and I came home purple faced and unable to walk alone. The next ones were for infection. Then I had a seizure in our swimming pool (above ground). Our son was with me and saved my life. He held me up throughout the seizure and until his dad came home from work and while waiting for the ambulance. Now, I'm on medication to prevent seizures (my surgery was for a benign tumor--hunk of gook stuck to bone inside). Our doctor diagnosed PSTD after our son started having "feeling storms" of crying, shouting with despair, anger and worries (no violence).We've taken him to a psychiatrist that prescribed for him.It really has helped. He went to a therapist that was not successful at all--it seemed difficult for the therapist and our son (being like many teens) didn't say much at all. We didn't seem to get anywhere. He's getting better, but all of us (including him) would like to have him not need the medication (he's tried) and feel good again. I'd like him to go back to swimming in our pool (he loved it before). What can we do to aid in his recovery? Are there steps that help him get back to his regular, happy self and that would go in our pool again? He was just 13 when it happened and next week he turns 15. I've looked for EMDR therapist with no success (finding someone that uses EMDR and works with teens is hard). I've looked at websites and called every place I know of--I've even contacted organizations. Does a person ever overcome PTSD without therapy?
How can we help a teen recover from PTSD? He was a hero (a traumatized hero, but a hero)? I've told him so, but, mostly, he doesn't want to talk about it at all. Does he need therapy or just time?

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replied September 6th, 2009
i really beleive that he will be okay after time. you should reassure him that you are okay and he doesnt have to worry about that happening about while your on that medication.
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