Hey guys,

My boyfriend is trying to quit smoking. When I met him I told him I could never date anyone who smoked, and he said he had to quit anyways because of a blood clot. He said he was doing it for himself and not for me (which is a good thing, as he could never do it if it was just for me).

We're in a long distance relationship until June, and he had told me it was all going well. There was a time when he was feeling crapy but I did all I could to help him get through it. He went cold turkey.

He comes up to visit and we mess around and he goes to "get his toothpaste." The way he asked I knew something was up...he comes back upstairs and smells of smoke. I have a really good nose and there's NO way anyone can smoke (through any method) and I won't smell it...

I called him out on it. He said the only time he told me that he had slipped up and smoked after eating once, I sounded so "heartbroken" that he didn't want to tell me the next time he did.

He also claimed that he didn't have any cigs of his own and that he had borrowed the end of one from an employee smoking outside the hotel? Sounded like !**@! to me but whatever.

So I made him promise to be TRUTHFUL with me. He said that he smokes one every couple of days and that it's a big improvement over 30 cigs a day, which is true.

He said that the reason he had smoked then was because messing around was a trigger for him that he hadn't learned to control yet.

My question is what do I say to him to be supportive? And my main question is if he goes on smoking one cig every day or two is that going to be just enough to keep his cravings there and make it so he never quits? The major nicotine is out of his body but it's still a cig every day or two which means he's getting a fix that often.

Thanks for any help you can provide!
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replied June 28th, 2010
Why don't you give a quitting aid to him? quitting smoking can be very hard because withdrawal symptoms can be severe...best thing is to give him a quitting aid like nicotine patches, nicotine gum or nicotine replacement these are designed to reduce withdrawal symptoms and make quitting easier!
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replied October 10th, 2013
The e-cigarrette is also a good choice sometimes. You can reduce the concentration of nicotine day by day. Hopefully he can quit smoking easier that way...

People feel bad themselves about that already. That's why...no need to make any other pressure! Just not good at all for anything, either relationship or quitting improvement!!! So, be patient a little bit more...
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