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Help 14 year old girl with anorexia

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Okay, so I've been helping out a little girl with an eating disorder for the past couple of months. Her name is Sara, she's 14 and in the 8th grade. Sadly, she was just put into the hospital a little under a week ago. I'm not allowed to see her because I have experience with an eating disorder (I was at the same hospital as her), so I wrote her a letter, hoping she'll continue to send them back and forth through her mom, so that I can help her out the best I can while I can't be with her. HOWEVER! I was wondering if you guys could write some letters for her, so that I can send her an bunch of letters each time, and have her know that she is not alone in this battle, and that she can get through this. Feel free to sent tips that have helped you, your own experiences; anything! Even those who have never suffered an eating disorder, you can still help; everybody's been through something hard, nobody's had a perfectly easy life, so please help if you can!

Here's a little bit about Sara:
Sara started starving herself when she was twelve years old; nobody really knows why, but doctors think it was because she wasn't comfortable with her body changing during puberty, and along with that, she always had the perfect life; amazing grades, she's always been stunningly gorgeous, her parents had money so she always had what she wanted and more.. they think (and I agree) that it was her way of controlling the perfection she's always had. She was always really thin; when she started cutting down food she weighed 102 pounds, and now two years later she weighs 91. It's not a big loss, but she did grow as she started all this at the beginning of puberty, so who knows how much she should weight now (she's 5'4). Her struggle has been really up and down; she'll have good periods and bad periods with her food intake, but the past 8 months have been the worst. Her mom had been bringing her to all sorts of doctors, nutritionists and psychs ot help her, but she didn't really know where to go. Her mom ended up meeting my aunt this March who told her about me and my struggles, and got her number from her. She gave me the number and I called her up and instant friendship Smile we got really close. She was doing really well with my help, but she went over a rough bump last month that I couldn't get her out of, and she needed to be hospitalized. Luckily, I told her which doctor to go to and got her into the same program that I was in. They gave her a feeding tube (to give her system a break, which I don't quite get because she was willing to drink the boost theyre giving her) and in a week from now she's starting to eat.

If you guys want to send her a message, just either post it here, or send it to my inbox (because I know it could get personal). You guys don't have to hurry; she's going to be there for about 6-8 weeks, and I'm not going to give them all to her at once. I wanna keep her hopes up and make sure she gets something everytime I meet up with her mom to keep her head up.

Thank you guys; I really appreciate it!! Mr. Green
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