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help with niece's symptoms, need direction, neuro doctor no help

My niece is almost 20 years old. she has always been overweight since she was born. She has recently found out that she has PCOS ( I believe) which the doctors want her to loose 80 pounds i think. this isn't really about my question, just wanted to throw some things out there. these are her symptoms in her own words, i'll copy & paste:

Well I have the PCOS and wit my migranes it is always on the left side of my head never the right. I can't be around light or sound. It starts in my shoulder and leads up my neck into the back/side of myhead and feels like it's behind my left eye too. Everything on the left side of my head is tender. I have blurry vision and start to get nausous. And I try not to let myself puke cuz when I start puking half the time I pass out and usually hit my head.

can you please lead us in the direction of the proper doctor to see. the ER only gives her fluids and pain meds and send her home. the neruo doctor has been much help for her either. they are getting worse and lasting longer and now the passing out because of vomiting.
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