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Help with my bipolar/addict mother

My whole life I have self with the highs and lows of my mothers addiction and mental illness. However recently things have gotten worse, my mother has picked up using crack and drinking. Everyday is a new battle and she makes me feel guilty for wanting to take care of myself. She says if I don't do something with her she will go smoke crack and it is eating me alive my anxiety is through the roof and I don't know how to help her anymore without losing myself
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replied August 11th, 2016
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Hi Sydneyann150....Your Mother is using you...She will all your life...Horrible as it may sound you must break free...First, you can't help her...Bipolar is a brutal disease...They do not change...You hope it will, but it won't...Unfortunately in the process you, too, can be dragged down and it is always with the thought that has been put in your head that you are the "guilty" person abusing her by not standing by her when she insists on her own way...

My best advice is to get yourself a life...Don't change the person that you are...Unfortunately, anything you do will not be right and make you feel guilty...

Good luck...It wasn't easy for me either...My best to you...

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